GMO Free

All our products are GMO Free (Genetically Modified Organism Free). You can rest assured that the ingredients we use are quality, natural, and safe.

Petite Cuisine Treat Singles and Appetizers are here!

We’re ready to ship our new Petite Cuisine treat singles and appetizers. The treat singles are unipet (dog and cat) treats that come in single serve 1 oz slices of grilled chicken or grilled tuna. They are all natural, GMO free, and grain free. The perfect treat for your cat or dog.

Our appetizers come in three open stock flavors: Salmon and White Fish, Light Tuna and Swordfish, and Light Tuna, Salmon and Egg Whites. These new appetizers come in 1.9 oz pull top cans. They are the ideal treat meal size for your cat. The ingredients we use are all ultra high quality, human edible, all natural, grain free and great tasting–I know, I’ve eaten these for sales calls.

We just returned from SuperZoo in Las Vegas. At this show there were 30 aisles of cat, dog, small animal, reptile and bird products. Our new treats and appetizers received a great reception at the show.

Check out and try our new treats and appetizers online today at

Global Pet Expo was a Success!

We’re back from an expo featuring 32 aisles of pet products from around the world. It was a very busy three day period for us. Here’s some our highlights and also some insights we picked up from our customers:

Hot products-we had some great traction on our Shains personalized dog collar and the new Petite Cuisine single serve grilled tuna and chicken treats. We had several big box retailers and lots of smaller pet shops stop by and tell us how much they liked these products. Besides our products, one of the buyers for a major pet retail chain said that the product that interested her the most was protein bars for dogs–just like protein bars for humans. Go figure.There certainly were a great many unusual pet products at the show–across the aisle from us was a company that sold live crickets as pet food for reptiles.

International buyers were in abundance this year. We had buyers from Canada, Chile, UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia and other countries stop by our booth. One of my highlights was the folks from Japan. I got to use my neglected Japanese language skills on them much to their amazement (and my own).

Competitive crowding in the cat food market was apparent with many new brands hitting the shelves including product ranges from Natural Balance and others. We still stand out for our quality ingredients and packaging but it’s a very competitive marketplace.

Global Pet Expo Results

We’re back from the biggest pet food exhibition in the US, Global Pet Expo in Orlando. It was a grueling 3 days of meetings but the results will be fantastic. First, our Petite Cuisine single serve chicken treats for dogs and cats and tuna treats for cats were widely received with praise for their uniqueness and price point attractiveness. The trade universally saw the $2.99 retail price point as attractive and were appreciative of the unique nature of these grilled products.These products will be available in June.

Second, our new SHAINSWARE personalized dog collar was widely reviewed and positively received. The $24.99 price point was seen as appropriate and the craft aspect of the product plus the opportunity to personalize a collar with just about anything you can think was praised. We expect solid responses from this product when it’s launched in June.

The show itself was 32 aisles of pet products that ranged from cricket food and small animal products to dog and cat foods and accessories. Just about anything you could buy in a pet store was available at the show for retailers to view and order.

Great show and wonderful results. Look for our new products in June.

Global Pet Expo is coming!

This is the time of year where we get ready for Global Pet Expo. This is the main pet expo for North America each year. There are over 57 aisles of pet products ranging from small animal, turtles, and fish to dog and cat. A very interesting place to be but unfortunately only a small number of non-pet retail or manufacturer folks get to get into this expo.Let me tell you what we’ll be doing there this year.

This year we’ll be showing a number of new items at the show:  Petite Cuisine grilled tuna and chicken treats for dogs and cats, Petite Cuisine appetizer singles, Shains personalized dog collars. All are unique and different from other products on the market.

The Petite Cuisine grilled treats are perfect for dogs and cats. There will be a grilled chicken treat for dogs (and cats) and a grilled tuna treat for cats. These unique items eliminate the ick factor involved with our current grilled tuna treat and make it more convenient than ever to serve this treat to your pet. Priced at $2.79 per pack, its the only grilled treat on the market with the marks to prove it.

Petite Cuisine appetizer singles are coming based on the demand for our appetizer three pack. We broke the 3 pack apart and are now offering the three flavors: Light Tuna and Swordfish, Light Tuna, Salmon and Egg Whites, and Salmon and White fish appetizers separately for consumers to try each one. This will lower the cost of trial and open up more consumers to our wonderful array of appetizers.

Finally, we are launching Shainsware’s personalized dog collars. This dog collar was created for us by Shainsware ( It features an easy to customize and personalize collar that is made completely from recycled materials. Each kit comes with 72 elements to help each consumer spell out their dog’s name, phone number or just make a statement. Priced at $24.99 this is a unique and compelling new collar for the accessories market. How we found this product is a story in and of itself which we’ll save for later.

More to come after the show.